Do you TRUST IN GOD, or not? Do you believe HE cares about you, he loves You like a father and HE will help You to defend your enemies?
Enemies, who used planes as flying bombs and destroyed the Twin Towers? Enemies who killed about 3000 innocent people in the World Trade Center?

Of course I unterstand that it is neccessary to check the communication of such bad people. Of course I supported supporting the US troops by german ferderal forces.

Thats why we and me trusted in the friendship of the US. The US who helped Germany par example with the Marshallplan and the „Luftbrücke“ to Berlin.

America seemed to be as a friendly country. A country who respects our friendship as well as our state of law. And it belongs to our Civil Rights that we have the right of privacy in all our communications. These rights include not to be scanned and profiled in the whole opportunities of technical communications.

I trust in God – in the father, the son and the holy spirit – He is watching US.
HE is protecting us. He is loving US. All the way.

So why do we need the full-scanning and profiling of the whole communication of innocent citizens of our State of Right?
I believe the Outcoming of the electronical scanning and profiling does destroy trusting in the ferderal security administrations generally.
Thats what I claim it is neccessary to respect the Civil Rights.

We should not allow to destroy the civil rights because of the fight against terrorism.
We should respect and protect the civil rights to secure the liberty and freedom of our countries. Otherwise we will achieve security but loose liberty in the same way. In this case the social communities of our countries will change into communities as the Sovietunion or China:
totally secure but also totally controlled.

These two values of security and liberty and civil rights should not be handled like either or. It should and must be handled as equal. In doubts the liberty is more worth than the security. Because total security is unpossible forever. But total control – once placed – is possible to organize for a long long time.

Remember the former German Democratic Republic and its system of control by so called „STASI“.

The german civil rights proclaim the protection of the rights of selfdefining information – so called „Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung“ and the rights of the secret of postmail and telecommunications – so called „Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnis“.

These rights are not for sale – even not for a good intention.
These civil rights must be respectet – otherwise trusting in the secret-services will become lower and lower.
But Trusting is the most and worthiest capital in a common sense and the public community.
So I apply to respect the civil rights of each of our countries.

For so long – I further prefer to TRUST IN GOD.

A longtime friend of USA – by 99 Thesen

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