++ #LIVE ++ #Trump #meets with Canadian Premier Trudeau at #Nato #Summit in #London #2019

#Burden #Sharing: Does ist also mean to share the burdens of refugees ?


Live: Trump meets with Canadian PM Trudea at Nato Summit in London (Fox News)



Dear Mr Trump,

I am one of your supporters, I also understand your concern that the burden must be shared fairly within NATO.

But please allow me to ask the following questions: Is it fair that Germany should pay 50 billion euros each year for 2 million refugees? Is it fair that Germany should soon pay 40 per cent of the EU budget? Is it fair that Germany, via the European Central Bank, will soon have 1000 billion euros via Target 2 balances in claims against the countries of Southern Europe? Is it fair that the ECB’s low interest policy destroys millions of assets in the northern European countries every year so that the southern eurozone countries can continue to incur debts? Is it fair that Poland and other Visegrad states should not accept Islamic refugees? Is it fair that the arms manufacturers from the USA, Russia and Co. should earn billions in wars in the Middle East, but that people should lose their lives and that 70 per cent of the refugees should flee to the core states of Europe, in other words to where the highest social benefits are available?


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