The National Security Agency of the US collects everything on the Internet and Phone-Data-Transfer: every electronical action of each citizen is being collected and saved.
It`s a big spying authority, much more efficiency than the german Staatssicherheit – short form STASI – of the former eastern german socialist country ever had been.

The lessons that we germans learned from the nazi-dictatorship and the socialist-dictatorship is especially, that you don`t have to trust the state authorities in a blind way. We should all be very critical about state authorities, that try to watch upon the citizens like God.

It is okay, if these security-authorities spy on persons, who may struggled in crime and terrorism – but it is never ever right to scan everybody and every normal citizen.

In Germany it is necessary to get the permission from a judge to be allowed to spy on evil persons. So we are able to protect the civil rights and the liberty of our society.
But the US national security agency`s got out of control of the parliaments and the government. So they collect everything of everybody. They scan normal citizens as well as politicians as well as terrorists.
By the way the watch at german and european companies to spy at their technical knowhow.

So Europe and Germany must react in a strong and hard way. America seems to need a tough answer. So Europe should interrupt the meetings with the US of developing the biggest freetrade-zone of the earth. Instead of this Europe should start conferences with South America to construct a freetrade-zone with them.

Europe and Germany must demand a No-Spy-Out-Contract with the US.
Nevertheless Europe and Germany should develop new software to get more independent from the US-software-giants.

The US will have to guarantee to protect the civil rights of Europe and Germany, nevertheless we should develop the ability to protect our bits and bytes, develop new security software and hardware to protect the civil rights, the spiritual creative technical know how of our citizens and companys.

Germany was one of the best allies of the US, but now as a direct consequence of the US massive spy-attacks on Germany, the disappointment is much worse as it never had been before.
The US not only have to control their security agencies, they not only have to stop spying on top-europe`s politicians, no – they even have to stop mass-spying on citizens and companys in western europe.
So we have to secure the civil rights for the 22th century.

Therefore it is right to prepare an UN-resolution to condemn mass-spying to protect privacy in the electronical communication as it is planned by Germany and Brazil.

America should Trust in God – not Watch like him.

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