From #National #Day of #Prayer to #National Day of #Repentance, May 2nd, 2019

Vom Tag des Nationalen #Gebets zum #Tag der Nationalen #Reue, 2. Mai 2019

Naturereignisse als Warnungen oder Wunder Gottes +++  Hurrikan Michael  +++ Natural Events as Warnings or Wonders of God +++ Hurricane Michael







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WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ — As the recovery process has started for the Gulf Coast region, the focus of our hearts, as a nation and individually need to be redirected heavenward to the Message in the storm: The LORD is calling the nation of the United States of America to National Repentance.

The Two Dreadful Witnesses of Revelation 11 (Rev 11:3-6), The Elijah, (Mal 4:4-6) prophesied November 5th, 2017 Hurricane Michael, which was fulfilled to perfection on October 10, 2018 destroying the Gulf Coast of the United States of America, specifically, Mexico City Beach called out by name; the beaches of nudity and sexual sin.

All these prophecies are frighteningly accurate because it is the God of Israel that speaks through His Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, as seen in the fulfilled prophecies of Hurricane Katrina*, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and others well documented on YouTube.

We need to wake up from this stupor that has gripped the USA, and stop ignoring the Voice of the LORD, immediately; otherwise, the LORD will destroy this nation entirely. Our global political power, military, economy, and technology hegemony will not save us. We can’t win against the LORD. He is our Creator, and He is the one that raised us up, and He is the One destroying us: we need to know the terms of His peace right now, beloved. (Luke 19:42)

The LORD is trumpeting for this nation to turn away from the gospel of corruption, the gospel of prosperity that has defiled the land and the church. It is time to (mehr …)

After the US-Election standing in front of the financial collapse

A Few More Dollars and The Ecstasy of Gold

Nach der US-Wahl stehen die USA einmal näher vor dem Finanzkollaps.
Eine Staatsverschuldung von bald 120 Prozent des BIP belastet die Finanzen der USA und damit die Stabilität der Weltwirtschaft.

Der frisch im Amt bestätigte Präsident Obama muss sich nun zusammen mit den Republikanern um den Balanceakt aus Sanierung der Finanzen und Stabilisierung der Wirtschaft kümmern.

Parteipolitik und -geplänkel dürfen dabei keine Rolle mehr spielen.

Der teuerste Wahlkampf aller Zeiten ist vorbei. Die möglicherweise teuerste Krise steht bevor.

Ansonsten geht nicht nur durch Hurricane Sandy das Licht aus…

Immerhin bleibt nach der Wahl für alle Amerikaner ein Trostpflaster: Sesamstrasse ist gerettet ! Bei der Wallstreet kann man sich da nicht sicher sein…

President Obama has to avoid the financial collapse of the US.  The deficit is now nearly to 120 % of the nationalproductionlevel. He has to work together with all parties to avoid the possibly most expensive crisis after the most ecpensive election. He has to manage the balance between healing the financial crisis and stabilizing the economy.If he does not manage this, many lights will go down without the cause of a hurricane…
Nevertheless: Sesame Street was saved. Neither the Wallstreet.

Hurricane Sandy is on its way to New York.See the report in youtube of Sandys hit on Jamaica, the weatherforecasts and news on the
National Hurricane Center.

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